Oxnard’s Old-Timers Friends Reunions, Part IV

Oxnard’s Old-Timers Friends Reunions, Part IV

Part IV – On The History of Old-Timers Friends Reunion:

Old-Timers Friends Reunion Logo (2012). Courtesy of the author’s father archive collection

Throughout the years, my father has documented those reunions by taking many photos of los veteranos. As they reflect on their liveshistory, and future at those reunions, it was always about friendship.

In closing, I started this series on the history of Old-Timers Friends Reunion to organize my father’s archives. But, it has motivated me to continue those stories and develop it into a future article titled,  Cruisin’ With Los Veteranos: Community, Identity, And Music In Southern California.

For the full version of Part IV with photos, see the following website!

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