Oxnard’s Old-Timers Friends Reunions, Part III

Oxnard’s Old-Timers Friends Reunions, Part III

Part III – On The History of Old-Timers Friends Reunion:

Old-Timers Friends Reunion Banner (2005). Courtesy of the author’s father archive collection

Since the first gathering in 1998, many of los veteranos have passed away. They have been honored through t-shirts, posters, and flyers at the Old-Timers Friends Reunions.

In Loving Memory Of:
Dickie Padilla
Joey Aguilera
Raymond “Bones” Frences
Art Robles
Bobby Bustamante
Arnold Estrada
Albert Vera
Alfred “Canicas” Lopez
Louie “Red” Valenzuela
Rosalio Haro
Frank Pedroza
Martin Perez
Tony Lopez
Peter Lopez
David Marin
Ray Marin
Conrad Portillo
Efo Valdez
Raymond Duran
Bobby Gonzales
Mike Coleman
Gabriel Ballesteros

For the full version of Part IV with photos, see the following website!

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